Public Administration

State tasks need to be efficient, service oriented and of the highest quality. Therefore public sector organizations face the same challenges as private sector corporations: cost reductions, improvements in efficiency and customer service.


Rapid changes in technology enable a "new public administration". The centralization of IT and service functions, internet-based and mobile communication, and consistent IT-based process optimization permit new kinds of administrative procedures. In the future, procedures will be viewed not in terms of their function but rather in terms of the processes they involve.


Working on behalf of public administration, we combine innovative concepts and software solutions with longstanding practical experience and a sound appreciation of the industry. We are a competent partner for entities in public administration across the entire gamut of information and communications technology. Working together with our partners, we act in a very wide variety of roles to carry out numerous projects.

Defence and Security

The German Bundeswehr is reforming and in accordance with this, needs to address the dynamic security-policy environment with a main focus on its application. Networked-operations capability is the basic prerequisite if the Bundeswehr is to make a successful contribution to multinational conflict prevention and crisis management.


With our concepts and solutions, we assist the Bundeswehr in the fulfillment of its mission and the development of a future proof organizational structure. Working together with competent partners, we act in a very wide variety of roles to carry out numerous projects. The result is a military-and system-wide expertise in the field of defense that the Bundeswehr and other armed forces as well as NATO gladly utilize.

Aerospace and Space

Given the very high tech characteristics of the rapidly growing aerospace and space sector special processes and capabilities are required in development. We support our customers with technology know how and process expertise. Our company significantly contributes to the development and success of this key sector in Germany