Geospatial Information Systems

Many decisions in politics, public service and enterprises have spatial references. The integration of geospatial data in processes becomes more important in numerous domains. Our partner Luciad has always been recognized as the leader, worldwide, in high performance geospatial data processing and presentation.


Customers appreciate Luciad for its value in allowing significantly faster development of applications, combined with high performance, and accuracy. We are the official reseller and integration partner from Luciad. We distribute products and various services, from consulting via integration of Luciad product support up to geospatial data architecture.


We provide the most comprehensive on-site and off-site support to customers in D-A-CH countries. Our consultants assist system architects and developers with the best available techniques for integrating the Luciad products effectively in their projects.

Luciad Products


brings geospatial situational awareness into a new era. LuciadLightspeed is designed for rapid development of high-end situational awareness applications.



enables rapid development of geospatial situational Awareness applications for mobile devices.



enables the development of advanced and easy-to-use cross-browser applications using the available web-based technologies of today (HTML5, AJAX, ...).



is an application designed to manage, fuse and serve geospatial data from different data sources.



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