Process Management

We offer consultancy services in the holistic management of business processes. The basic concept of our consultancy services and our software is the Electronic Company Manual for the mapping of an entire company, such as structures, processes, roles and compliance requirements. A company’s goals and its value is our main focal point. Since its original development by academics and the many years of practical operational experience to the approach of business process management it is possible to provide an easy to understand and flexibly designed framework for modeling, management, analysis and the improvement of multiple aspects of corporate structures.


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Organisational Consulting

The inclusion of external influences and practices often makes it easier to implement necessary changes in organizations. As independent consultants we support our customers in the design and implementation of organizational and restructuring processes.




We not only consider the technical aspects but all related structures, processes and people. As IT management consultants we have over 25 years of unparalleled professional experience in this area.