Software reinvented


Modern technology and innovative methods are the critical key factors of a successful software development project. The consequent application of this mindset makes us realizing the customer’s requirements and needs. We have the expertise in the field of software technology, independent if we manage the entire project or support it with our professional services.


The selection of adequate software technology and methods is derived from important preconditions like the customer’s strategy, the existing infrastructure, life cycle costs, or legacy systems. Before the project start, we consult platform independent related to technology and methodology questions, as well as business processes, infrastructure or scalability to realize a high level of efficiency in implementation.


A lot of companies are able to develop systems. But less are able to do it in an efficient way. We are!

Mobile Applications

We do smart


The trend towards mobile applications can be seen more and more in the enterprise application environment. Based on iOS (Cocoa) and Android (Java) we develop individual solutions for our customers.


Moreover with the help of JavaScript and HTML5 we are able to develop strategically useful platform independent apps in-house.

Embedded Systems

Intelligence in a confined space


To meet the requirements of real-time systems and embedded systems, we develop these systems with traditional, hardware-oriented programming languages such as C and Ada. Regardless of whether board computers, microcontrollers, smartcards or bus systems - due to our long experience in this field we are able to offer our customers technical support. The widespread requirements management tool DOORs used in the aerospace and automotive industry rounds our portfolio off.