Agile Software Development

At a fast pace through the Software Life Cycle


Large software projects are often characterized in the early stages of development by constantly changing requirements, either by the customer or a changing environment during the development period. In order to be able to react in the fastest, most flexible and effective manner we avoid unnecessary expenditures and accelerate the development process with the deployment of agile processes. This leads to a shortening of the development cycle and the dramatic decrease in the development costs of our customers.


Continuous Delivery

Efficiency par Excellence


For fast and reliable implementation of change requests, improvements and bug fixes we rely on Continuous Delivery, a package of highly efficient agile methods, which reduces the time significantly between development and final release. This makes an additional and significant contribution to reducing the software maintenance costs for our customers. 


Success guarantee for large projects


In addition to agile methods, classical process models such as the V-model still have their place, especially when major projects must be systematically and successfully carried out in a short time frame with limited resources. In these circumstances we prefer the V-Modell XT.


Whose extensive tool support enables semi-automated generation of development documents protecting the resources of our clients even in the classic area of software development.